The influencer did not react, but made it clear, visually, how uncomfortable she was with the attitude of the model.

This edition of the reality is just beginning and the pawn Vini already has a collection of problematic actions and lines. This time, his victim was the participant Ruivinha de Marte, to whom he made inconvenient comments about her body.

During a conversation between the two pedestrians, in the kitchen, the model takes the tiktoker in her lap and makes the following comment: “You are getting thinner and thinner. Do you want a ‘little whey’? To get strong?”

Through her facial expression, it is clear how uncomfortable and annoyed Ruivinha was with the attitude of her confinement colleague, who could not even answer the boy.

And as the internet does not stop, after this event, netizens rescued a video where the influencer comments on her low self-esteem and reports problems she has had in relation to her weight. “I thought I was very ugly, I was very ashamed of my body”.


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