Upon discovering that the ex-partner is dead, the ex-housewife will start crying, which will anger Alcides.

And revenge is a dish best served cold. After being raped by his enemy Tenório (Murilo Benício), Alcides (Juliano Cazarré), who will forever carry the marks that the rape caused him, will dedicate himself entirely to taking revenge on the villain of the novel.

He will plan the death of the mustachioed, who with the help of Zaquieu (Silveiro Pereira), will be able to complete his plan with excellence.

Having completed his revenge, the herdsman will have to tell his beloved that he has just taken the life of her ex-husband and father of her daughter, but Bruaca’s (Isabel Teixeira) reaction will surprise him.

The ex-housewife will have tears in her eyes when she finds out about her ex-partner’s death. When asked if she was crying for the villain, she will answer her lover: “I’m not crying for him… I’m crying for my daughter. And for my grandson too.”

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