Oklahoma City (KFOR) — The “Pumpkin City” exhibit at Oklahoma City’s Countless Botanical Gardens won the USA TODAY 10Best Pumpkin Patch competition.

#1 Best Pumpkin Patch on 10Best from USA TODAY. Image courtesy of Countless Botanic Garden Press Releases.

August, announced 10,000 Botanical Gardens are competing for USA Today’s Top 10 “America’s Best Pumpkin Patches.”

On Friday, it was announced that Wan Botanical Garden’s Pumpkin Village won America’s “Best Pumpkin Patch” out of 20 programs across the country.

The Children’s Garden at Wan Botanical Garden was originally launched as the Pumpkin Village in October 2012, when there were only 3,000 pumpkins. Maureen Heffernan, CEO and Director of Gardens and Scissortail Park, came up with the idea.

Since 2012, Pumpkin City has grown to 40,000 pumpkins at the 2021 Wizard of Oz-themed Pumpkin City festival, officials said.

According to the press release, Pumpkinville is now the largest annual event hosted by the Gardens of 10,000, and thousands of families make it a fall tradition.

Pumpkinville is a way for The Gardens charity to raise money for its foundation. Without membership, admission to Pumpkin Village is $9 per person.

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