Marcos Mion is one of the big dads that we are proud to see. The TV Globo presenter is not afraid to wear the shirt for his son’s cause and in a recent case of aggression against an autistic boy, Mion came to the networks to demonstrate that he fears the safety of his son, Romeo. Marcos did not fail to send a message to the victim.

“It is a situation of extreme cowardice. The video wrapped me up, made me want to vomit”, began the presenter.

Marcos also said he cried when he saw the images. “I’ve cried because I can’t help but imagine my son in this situation, living in a world that doesn’t understand, doesn’t respect, doesn’t understand autism and that physically attacks the autistic because he’s autistic”, he said.

The presenter also reported that he is afraid that something will happen to his son, Romeo. “I fight for people to grow up being better, nicer, and respecting inclusion and diversity. I do everything I can and I’m very scared that something like this will happen to Romeo, like any parent of any autistic child,” he declared.

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