The poor thing will fall like a paw in yet another plan by the lawyer.

And once again poor Candoca (Isadora Cruz) will fall for Tertulinho’s scoundrel (Renato Góes). Believing that the lawyer had sent her flowers, the doctor will fight with Zé Paulino (Sergio Guizé) in defense of her husband. But in fact, the one who will present the flowers will be the former cowboy, who, upset with the protagonist, will shoot at her: “You two deserve each other”.

This confusion will happen because, when the flowers arrive, Tertulinho will copy the card that would have been sent by the businessman and sign his name.

The lawyer will still hide and listen to a conversation between his beloved and Lorena (Mariana Sena), who will confess to her friend her desire to ask for a divorce. In addition to this conversation, he will also witness a conversation between Candoca and his rival, which, unlike the other conversation overheard, will make him excited when he hears that the doctor fell right into her plan to change the names of the flowers.

“Do you know who gave me these flowers? Little talk. Do you know why? Tertulinho knows me. He is sweet, treats me well, he would never leave me”, the former teacher will tell her ex-fiancé.

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