This decision by the girl could put her ex-fiancé’s life at risk.

And the hatred between the villain and the good guy in this soap opera only grows. After asking for a divorce and making Zé Paulino (Sergio Guizé) visits increasingly frequent, Candoca (Isadora Cruz) will be invited to work with the businessman, which will leave Tertuinho (Renato Góes) full of hate and out of his mind.

Seeing the precarious situation in which Tertulinho finds himself, Tertúlio (José de Abreu), will take satisfaction with the ex-employee, which will be in vain, since the ex-cowboy will not even care what the ex-boss will say, much less for what the rival is feeling.

The businessman will keep up the plan to reconquer Candoca and to get closer to Manduca (Enzo Diniz), and to keep himself increasingly present in the life of his beloved, he will invite her to work with him and to help him improve conditions. from the hinterland.

Even with doubts, whether or not to accept the proposal, the girl decides to start working with her ex-fiancé, which will leave her ex-husband completely out of his mind, trying to convince Jagunço Pajéu (Caio Blat) to kill his rival.

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