Artists released new singles this September — and there’s still news next week. Check details

The month of September has been one of many releases among the artists of OBI, a producer of hip hop culture in the Federal District. Daisies, Aggin and MaCla have news.

The most recent release is by MaCla, a reference for R&B in DF. “Quem me Dera”, the third single from the artist’s career, arrives on digital platforms this Friday (23) and has a clip scheduled for next week.

With a sample by singer Vanessa da Mata, the song narrates an affective relationship, transmitting Brazilianness and having MPB elements in its tonic. “It’s an ideal work for affectionate, romantic playlists and chill vibes”, says the OBI. The production is by Terin.

Two days earlier, on Wednesday (21), rapper Aggin released “Step Over”, with production by Jojo Baby. The track brings references from American basketball, with a visualizer that brings up shots from star Allen Iverson and Aggin in the foreground with the Orlando Magic shirt.

Releasing “Step Over” was important to Aggin not only artistically, but also personally. “The term ‘step over’, or ‘go over’ in free translation, stuck in my mind and made me create a concept of overcoming adversity. I hadn’t written for a long time and I decided to run over all the blocks that came up due to my insecurities”, says the artist.

Before, on the 9th of this month, the duo Margaridas released the single ‘Dengo’, a sound that echoes love, affection, pampering and care. In the track, the singers narrate a relationship in which the passion and affection between two women are the center of the plot. The production is by Lusca061, an artist from Universal Music Group who has more than 9 million streams of his songs.


Margaridas is a duo composed by the sisters Maria Paula and Sabrina. In addition to “Dengo”, the artists have already released “A Culpa É Minha?”, “Calor”, “Mais Confiante”, “Impulso” and, more recently, “All The Pretty Girls”. The sound of the duo mixes pop, Hip Hop, R&B, MPB and afrobeat.

Day 30 has more news

In addition to the releases of Margaridas, Aggin and MaCla, the producer OBI has one more novelty, still for the month of September. On the 30th, Kel will release the second EP of his career. “Sangue Frio” marks a new moment in the singer’s artistic career. You will be able to read more about the four tracks of the new work next week, in an interview on Brasilia newspaper.

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