Spooky season is coming and people in Alberta have been getting in the spirit on Reddit by sharing ghost stories, and they didn’t disappoint.

Someone asked Albertans to share the spookiest experiences they’ve had in the province and some of the responses are chilling.

Obviously, there’s no way to actually know whether these happened but be warned, these stories are like to give you goosebumps either way.

One person took to Reddit to share a story of a terrifying encounter they had as a child. The Redditor said they saw what seemed like a little boy rising up from the ground and into a lake and out of sight. What makes this creepier is the person’s friend saw the boy too. Yikes!

Another person wrote about a haunted house just outside of Grande Prairie that supposedly couldn’t be destroyed after some ghostly goings on.

Seeing what appears to be a ghost is a scary enough thought, but hearing one call your name is pretty terrifying. Run, and don’t look back!

Another person shared a story of what may or may not have been a ghost showing up on a camping trip.

Alberta has its fair share of ghost towns including the town of Wayne, home of the Last Chance Saloon. The hotel is rumoured to be haunted by a coal miner, according to AtlasObscura. A person on Reddit also took to the site to talk about what happened when they stayed in the haunted hotel.

While no one will ever truly know what happened, there are definitely some spooky happenings in Alberta.

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