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16 September 2022

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Lightning Degree Chapter 132 may not be as exciting as the previous one. Everyone hopes the previous chapter can make Rin remember his past. However, it didn’t go as everyone expected. He thought that YeonBi was the one who taught Ryuyeon that song. But the struggle is still not over. Cheon is not ready to just give up.

The next chapter of the manhwa will explore YeonBi’s relationship with Ryuyeon. However, the truth is still in the dark. Besides, Rin doesn’t remember anything because she has lost her past memories. The two of them were probably the same person who was combined due to some kind of magic. However, there is still hope that Rin will get her memories back. Let’s get to the plot for the upcoming chapter of the manhwa!

Lightning Degree Chapter 132: The End of Ryuyeon’s Battle!

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 will be a free quest episode. Rin will be looking for the truth in the next chapter, which isn’t even there. Ryuyeon and Yeonbi happened because of a magic curse. However, Rin is unable to find out the real truth unless she gets her memories back. The song could be the biggest trigger factor for Rin.

However, he couldn’t catch the moment. There must be a problem with him. On the other hand, Cheon becomes hyper-aggressive to win the match. But he didn’t know that Ryuyeon was on par with his current potential. He could easily cripple Cheon. However, Ryuyeon was taking it easy, not to scare Rin and bring back her memories.

What Does the Previous Chapter Cover?

Chapter 131 Lightning Degree begins with a flashback from Rin’s memory. The song Ryuyeon played sparked a number of memories in Rin’s mind. The first is the one with YeonBi. He plays the same song. Rin really liked the song. But YeoBi couldn’t finish the song, and Rin helped her finish the second half of the song.

The panel once again shifted back to Ryuyeon. Rin started to think that YeonBi might have taught the song to Ryuyeon. However, that is not the truth. Ryuyeon continued and made Cheon vomit blood with the help of Sound Arts and Inner Qui. However, he couldn’t make it right away because Cheon bounced back. He launched several attacks at Ryuyeon. The next chapter will continue from this point.

Lightning Degree Chapter 132: Release Date

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 will be released on September 13, 2022. The next chapter will probably create its own time possibilities for Rina and Ryuyeon. Manhwa will increase longer if Rina’s memory doesn’t come back. Lightning Degree Chapter 132 can be read on the official Webtoon website. Keep checking Frustrated Ink for more updates on the manhwa!

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