Iryna Shayk claps back at Emily Ratajkowski’s nude bath photo

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Haters gonna hate, but not if Iryna Sheik has something to say about it.

Iryna responded sharply after a commenter on Instagram criticized a fellow model Emily Ratajkowski finished photos of her bathing with her son Sylvester18 months.

Emily posted the photos on September 23 Instagram shows her lying on her side in the bathtub, naked. Her son stands behind her with his back to the camera, and the 31-year-old model drew a heart on the baby’s bottom. In the second picture, her son was leaning over her with his hand on her neck. She signed it “loml” (love of my life).

Emily, who is currently in the heat of the moment with her husband Sebastian Baer-McClardsocial network users were divided by her bold post.

One commenter wrote: “not everything for the internet. We understand that you need to be naked to attract attention because your face is below average. At least respect your son’s decency.”

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