How to Overcome Constipation in Babies – Constipation, or disturbances in the process of defecating that is not smooth, does not only occur in adults, but constipation itself is one of the health problems that often afflicts toddlers or even babies. This can happen, because the baby lacks nutrients in the form of fiber and body fluids, so the process of defecation becomes not so smooth, and causes constipation in your baby. But this can be overcome easily and safely.

Overcoming constipation in this baby, can be done by giving natural laxatives which will certainly help relieve constipation by mixing fruit juices, and other natural ingredients. There are other ways that you can also try, as will be reviewed in more detail below, about what are the ways to deal with constipation naturally and easily in babies, and you can try to do it at home below.

Overcoming Constipation in Babies

1. Natural laxative

The first is to provide a natural laxative. In this way, natural foods that are laxative are the most natural way to help relieve your little one’s constipation. Like mixing fruit juices such as apples, apricots, to cranberries and prune juice flavors, which are flavors that children like. After that, you can give it with a frequency of 3 times a week to prevent constipation in your baby.

2. Stool softening laxative

In addition, using a stool softener laxative is also a natural and powerful way to help overcome constipation in your baby. This laxative drug itself can be in the form of microlax, glycerine, to bisacodyl and many others. These drugs, can be given when constipation is experienced, is already in severe condition, and of course with a mixture of paraffin oil is good to soften and lubricate the stool so that it is easy to pass later.

3. Get used to sitting on the toilet regularly

Do this about 3 to 5 minutes after eating. Ask your baby to sit on the toilet even if he doesn’t want to defecate. This is very important to create the feeling and desire of your baby to defecate, and of course you must create a sense of comfort in the toilet so that your child can respond to the urge to defecate so that constipation can be overcome naturally and safely.

4. Fibrous foods

Of course this one way, is very good to help overcome constipation in babies. Fiber intake in your toddler can be given at least 3 times a day, so that later it can facilitate defecation. For example, like plums, apricots, to peaches and prunes. Avoid giving fast food and easy to process such as rice bubbles, corn flakes, and many others.

Here are some ways you can try to help treat constipation in babies. Hopefully it will be useful as a recommendation for the best way to treat constipation in babies. Good luck.

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