In the wave of projects about real crimes, platform will invest in production about the boy’s death in Rio de Janeiro


After the success of “Pacto Brutal”, about the murder of actress Daniella Perez, HBO Max will invest in another production of the “true crime” genre: the development of a documentary series about the death of the boy Henry Borel.

Monique Medeiros, the boy’s mother, and her ex-partner, former Rio de Janeiro councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, known as Jairinho, are accused of torture and death of the child, in a crime that shocked Brazil in March 2021.

The series will be based on the book “Caso Henry: Morte Anunciada”, by journalist Paolla Serra, and the project will be developed by the production company A Fábrica in partnership with the website UOL.

This genre, which has movies, series and podcasts that emerge from real crimes, has been successful abroad for a few decades. And it has recently gained strength in Brazil.

Cases like the boy Evandro, who was kidnapped and murdered, and the story of João de Deus, condemning the rape of hundreds of women, are extrapolating the news and reaching the small screens, big screens and also streaming platforms.

“Brutal Pact: The Assassination of Daniella Perez”, from HBO Max, premiered at the end of July and became the most watched original series on the platform in Brazil and Latin America in its first days of airing.


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