Friday’s report from Geo News stated that senior journalist Ayaz Amir’s daughter-in-law had been murdered in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad neighbourhood.

Shah Nawaz, the son of Ayaz Amir, is accused of killing his wife Sara at home, according to the Islamabad Police spokesperson. She was discovered dead near a farm.

Ayaz Amir’s son has reportedly been arrested, according to a police spokesperson.

Senior police officers from the Islamabad Police as well as forensic teams were on the scene, the police spokesperson reported.

According to the police spokesman, an investigation into the incident is ongoing, and any information discovered will be made public.

For a post-mortem, the victim’s body has been transported to PIMS Hospital Islamabad.

Speaking to the media, Amir said that no one should have to endure such tragedy and that such an incident should not happen to anyone.

The journalist’s response, when questioned about claims that his son was drunk, was as follows: “What else is there to say? This is a legal issue “.

How did it happen?

Only three months had passed since Sara and Shah Nawaz’s marriage, according to sources within the family. The sources added that Sara worked in Dubai and had just arrived in Pakistan a day earlier where she had just bought a car. They had met online, they said.

At the farmhouse where they were staying with Shah Nawaz’s mother, the couple reportedly got into a fight at night. Sources claim that Sara passed out after being struck by Shah Nawaz with an iron object. He allegedly moved her to a bathtub after that and turned on the water faucet.

The murder weapon and other evidence have been sent for analysis, according to the sources, who also stated that Shah Nawaz’s mother saw everything happen and called the police. A forensic examination of the crime scene has also been completed.

An exclusive view of the farmhouse where Ayaz Amir’s son murdered Sarah Rathore

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