Powhatan County, Va. (WRIC) — A former Powhatan High School bandleader is now facing eight sex-related charges as he awaits his next hearing in October.

The Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office arrested Andrew Clinton Snead, 36, in June. He was initially charged with two counts of molestation of a child by a person in a custody/supervisory relationship.

Powhatan man arrested, charged with child molestation

Snead – a former bandleader in high school, According to a publication by Longwood University – Since his first arrest, he has been charged with seven more sex-related counts, four in Powhatan Juvenile and Family Relations Court and five in Powhatan Circuit Court.

During a conference call in Juvenile and Family Relations Court on Wednesday, Sept. 21, Snead waived his right to a preliminary hearing on three of the charges. The fourth charge was dropped.

The three charges have been certified by a grand jury and will join Snead’s other five charges in Powhatan Circuit Court.

Snead has been charged with eight felonies, seven counts of molesting a child with a person in a custody or supervisory relationship and one count of soliciting child pornography, and the case has moved to circuit court.

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The trial date for Snead’s remaining indictment is set for an Oct. 11 hearing in Powhatan Circuit Court.

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