Cucuta Taxi Scandal viral video | Cucuta Taxi etching full video: There is controversy in Cucuta taxi after learning of a video with sexual content that was recorded inside a taxi in a recognized sector of the city. The recording went trending and hundreds of users demanded that the union punish the driver of the vehicle.

Cucuta Taxi Scandal viral video | Cucuta Taxi etching full video

In the video, a young woman and a man are seen drinking liquor, then they enter the taxi to have a video.

This happened in broad daylight and near one of the busiest sectors of the North Santander capital.

After knowing the recording, Edgar Torrado, the operational head of the Radio Taxi Cone company, to which the vehicle is affiliated, rejected what happened and insisted that the pertinent sanctions will be applied.

The company also issued a statement in which it promised to take the necessary measures to “manage this situation and guarantee that this type of action does not happen again, this does not represent us.

For his part, Freddy Aranda, owner of the taxi, said that while he was doing mechanical work in a workshop, he decided to rent the vehicle for three days to the man who appears in the video.

The driver was recommended to me, but look what happened. I reject and apologize for what happened a car is for work not for doing that kind of thing said the owner of the taxi.

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