See Video Chaka Zulu Manager of Ludacris Shooting Goes Viral After He Was Arrested

Video of Ludacris manager Chaka Zulu’s shooting is out. The question is, did he really kill someone or was it self defense? According to MTO News, after he shot the man, Atlanta police charged him with murder.

Atlanta police have charged Ludacris’ manager Chaka Zulu with the shooting death of a man. Chaka’s lawyers say he shot because he had to protect himself.

See Chaka Zulu Shooting Video

Where did the whole Chaka Zulu incident take place?
What happened happened in Atlanta, Georgia. Media Take Out has confirmed that Georgia is a “Stand Your Ground” state.

The things that happened before Ludacris’ manager Chaka Zulu was shot were captured on the surveillance video we’ve posted below. On June 26, Chaka and two other men were shot during a fight outside Chaka’s restaurant and lounge in Buckhead.

Chaka was 52 years old at the time. Artez Benton, a 23-year-old college graduate, was killed when Chaka allegedly fired his gun.

On September 13, Atlanta police charged Chak with murder and other crimes. No one else is judged.

Shanae says he was attacked by five men waiting for Chak outside his Apt 4B restaurant. Reports on social media say the men were unable to enter the restaurant as a reservation is required.

What did Chaka Zulu’s lawyer say about the incident?

Gabe Banks, the longtime music manager’s lawyer, said in a statement posted on Obafemi’s Instagram that Obafemi was the victim of a hate crime.

he said that

disappointed” by APD’s decision to press charges against him. Banks said the evidence clearly showed Zulu – who was injured in the incident – “was forced to defend himself” while being attacked by at least four other people in the June incident.

“It is not lost on Mr Zulu that someone lost their life, but if Mr Zulu had not lawfully defended himself, Mr Zulu would have been killed that night,” he said.

The video doesn’t really say much. There is no doubt that Zulu jumped. It looks like the question is whether he shot while jumping or when he was beaten.

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