some rain later on Sunday

On the first full day of fall, our day begins cooler but more timely. Today looks mostly sunny except for some Far Eastern MA breaking through the clouds. Highs will only be mid 50s to mid 60s due to persistent north/northwesterly gusts sometimes around 30 mph.

Fiona is now a Category 3 hurricane, moving northeast at 25 mph. The storm is far from the East Coast, but is still bringing dangerous wave conditions to our shores. In difficult conditions and dangerous rapids, wave heights will exceed 6 feet. There may even be slight coastal erosion. HIGH SURF consultation valid tonight. Things were still bad on Saturday.

It will be sunny, windy and cold overnight. Saturday morning we will wake up in our forties. Saturday looks good, bright, a little warm in the treble, until the 60s. It remains light most of the day. Heading into Sunday, our winds have changed a bit, we woke up in the 40s and the afternoon high was in the 70s. Seems partly sunny with no rain for most of the day, but there will be a few showers in the evening and at night.

We start next week with moderate temperatures, lows in the 50s in the morning and highs in the 70s in the afternoon. There may be occasional showers.

Pastor Chelsea, ABC6 Meteorologist

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