The actor has been elected several times as the sexiest man in the world, but he believes they have better for the category

Habla really, no toxic masculinity here, huh? Actor Brad Pitt has revealed that he has his choices to occupy the position of the most handsome and sexiest man in the world. It is worth remembering that the blonde has already received the title several years in a row and in the most recent interview for Vogue, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband declared Paul Newman as the most handsome man in the world.

“In the acting world, because it’s my day job, the immediate choice is Paul Newman. He has aged with great grace, and everyone reports him as a very special, generous, warm and true human being,” he said.

In the present, Pitt did not fail to quote his friend. “If I were to name anyone from the present, it would have to be that motherfucker George Clooney. Why not?”, he joked. “I’m always breaking up with him, and he’s making fun of me. But this time I will relieve him – just this once.”

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