FORT PANN, AL (WHNT) – The show is back! The DeKalb County VFW Fair will host its 67th edition next week in Fort Payne.

according to the activity websitethe exhibition runs from September 26 to October 1.

This year’s theme, “The Land I Love,” will include classic carnival rides, prizes, livestock shows, booths and a new feature – an aerial art show performed twice a night. Every night, the show features new deals so everyone can join in the family fun:

Monday, September 26

  • Free admission and rides from 5pm to 6pm
  • Tickets are $4, and tickets close only from 6 p.m. (free admission for under 6s)
  • Young Lamb Show at 6.30pm
  • entertainment: Autism Sings Featuring Reid Soria

Tuesday, September 27

  • $25 Armlet Night
  • Pay one price for rides from 5pm to finish
  • entertainment: WQSB Country Music Night Country Music

Wednesday, September 28

  • $2 a night, all rides are $2 from 5 p.m. to finish, no exceptions
  • Dairy Goat Show at 5pm
  • entertainment: Southern Gospel Night featuring Fortner Brothers 4 Christ

Thursday, September 29

  • 2 Armbands, 5 p.m. to close at $25, Midway only (sold as a set, not individually)
  • Bull Goat Meat Show at 5pm
  • entertainment: Chris Robles School of Music and Fort Payne High School Guitar Class

Friday, September 30

  • Happy Night, tickets close only from 5pm
  • Horse and mule show at 6:30 pm
  • entertainment: Pickin’ Post presents crossroads country music at 6 p.m.

Saturday 1 October

  • Doors open at 10am
  • Children’s Day 10am-3pm with $20 armband
  • Free admission for children and teachers with tickets
  • From 3 p.m. until closing, admission is $4 for adults, children 6 and under are free, admission only
  • 4-hour chick chain from 10am to 3pm
  • The 1pm circus is incredible
  • Open Beef Show at 5pm
  • entertainment: 32nd Annual DeKalb County VFW Agricultural Fair Gospel Singing by Brian Free & Assurance and The Sharps Special

Show president Charles Stephens said in his annual address that this year’s show will also include educational booths and scarecrow competitions, but there will be no more solo exhibition competitions this year.

“It seems that COVID and/or its variants have raised their ugly heads when we’re fair,” Stephens explained. “It is not in the public interest because of the exposure, for the safety of our exhibitors and show staff.”

The show will be held at the DeKalb County VFW Fairgrounds at 151 18th Street NE in Fort Payne.For more information, please visit

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